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Kanye West – Anxiety

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Kanye West – Anxiety Lyrics

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[Intro]Let your mind go
Let your mind go, mind go
I see behind though
Then let your mind go
And let your mind go, mind go
And then I say, ayy
I say I’d never worry
Uh, but I do as much as, na-na

[Verse]I’ve been sayin’ [?] sayin’ [?][?] these bad bitches is tryin’ me
And I know that it’s mad niggas that’s tryin’ you
And that’s the moment it started the anxiety
Life still won’t stop [?] in me
Bathroom creep off and do it quietly
[?] of me
Moment tough, it caused the anxiety
I’m flyin’ home, I’m checkin’ my money there, no
Like the [?] sandstorm
[?] somethin’ for my break
I got caught with pussy on my dick, that was a rookie mistake
And my bitch sped it off, I tried to [?]That bitch closed my arm in the automatic window
How cool could a bitch bе? How cool [?]?
I could [?], and you know [?]A nigga lied, a nigga lied, nigga lied
And whеn she ain’t believed me, goddamn, that pimp [?] shit came out
And a nigga cried, a nigga cried, a nigga cried to get my bitch back
‘Cause you know we live that
And even though I did that, and [?] to be scared for another nigga to hit that
I was sittin’ [?] to turn me on
Actually the anxiety kinda turned me on, like, start askin’ questions
No homo’, no suspect, but you gotta tell me, was he bigger?
‘Cause I gotta still feel like that nigga, no lie, no lie, no lie
[?] what you say?
[?] you say you never worry, and when I do as much as you
It’s like when you break up with a bitch, break up with your ex
What’s that’s kinda best is that makeup sex
‘Cause you know she bumpin’ [?]And you scream out “he can’t hit like this”
And you [?] that’s that [?]And that’s that 2 AM, yeah, that’s that bitch
[?] what you got can go
[?] what your friends don’t know
She probably fucked some niggas that’ll break your fuckin’ heart
She probably fucked some niggas that’ll stop it for a stop
She probably fucked some niggas, she gon’ take it to the grave
She probably fucked ’em niggas that was really fuckin’ paid
She probably fucked them niggas [?] on a day
She probably left yo’ crib and got fucked the same day
What you say? Ayy
I would say I’d never worry, but I do as much as you

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